Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.

My name is Michelle, living in the UK and this small space on the web is my diary where I blog about my life and the essential elements in it, my husband, my family, my grad school life and my love for food!

I began this blog when I started grad school and had just returned after a long trip from my parents’ house in India. When I came back I was 15 pounds heavier and about to begin the most stressful period of my life. The most common complaints I had at that point in time were- I don’t have enough time to plan out my meals and eat healthy, my house is always a mess, I don’t have enough time to exercise..so on and so forth.

Reading other inspirational healthy living blogs, I can safely say that I am now living a far more disciplined life.

All these things have helped me immensely, sure I am still not at my goal weight, but when I go to my doctor for my annuals, my blood work is normal and I am always categorized normal. The weight loss thing will happen, but I am happy that these efforts are helping me and my husband ,live a happier and healthier life!