Best Electric Crepe Makers

Are you having difficulties when making crepes at your home?

I do! Many times when I make crepes using a simple pan I end up throwing some of the half cooked dough because it sticks to the pan and won’t spread well. Yes, I know I’m not a crepe master that’s why I hope so much to be able to make well done crepes using an electric crepe maker.

Although crepes have traditionally been a food enjoyed in the country of France and throughout the continent of Europe, the crisp wrap has crossed a number of national borders and is enjoyed in almost every country in the world. The crepe was said to have developed in a northwest corner of France where bakers would fill this crisp outer wrapping with fruits and other sugary delights. Considered one of France’s national foods, the crepe wrapping is prepared by many people across the globe and has made its way into many households as well.

While some enjoy the purchase of a crepe from a bakery or restaurant, more and more people are opting for a crepe maker, which allows one to take the crepe out of the restaurant and directly into their own kitchen.

Do You Like Crepes?

When cooking crepes, I think the best way to do it is by using an electric crepe maker. I mean, if you are a professional cook and used to use a regular pan to cook crepes, then it is a blessing. But if you are not, and you’re just someone who likes eating crepes without wanting to get involved in great difficulty to make the best crepe, an electric crepe maker is the right choice for your hobby.

Why? Because electric crepe maker will make you get the best crepe’s shape easily. All parts of the crepe layer will cook evenly and it’s accompanying spatula will help you level the crepe until it is the same in all parts.

Best Electric Crepe Makers in UK 2018

ProductCooking Plate DiameterWattsMaterialOur RatingBuying Option
Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker
12 inch1000 Wnon-stick-coated aluminum
Andrew James Electric Crepe Skillet
13 inch1200 Wnon-stick PTFE coating aluminum
Global Gourmet Crepe Machine
12 inch1000 Wnon-stick aluminum
Quest 35540 Benross Electric Pancake Crepe Maker
12 inch1000 Wnon-stick aluminum
VonShef Pancake Maker – Crepe Maker
12.5 inch1000 Wnon-stick coated aluminium plate

Things to Check when Looking for an Electric Crepe Maker

There are a number of crepe makers becoming available on the market. However, just like any other consumer purchase, there are some things that make one crepe maker far superior than others.

First thing’s first, make sure that the crepe maker you choose has a flat, smooth and non-stick surface. It is a common fact that the top difficulty for making crepes is to not make them stick on the cooking surface otherwise they will fall apart and the whole idea of the crepes is to be able to make a wrap out of them.

A very important feature of a good electric crepe maker is the presence of an automatic thermostat that will allow you to control temperature once and then forget it for the whole time you are making your crepes. The right temperature will also avoid having them too dry, too “cooked” or too crispy. Here are some more things to consider:

Heat Source
To make a crepe, one must create a batter from flour, milk (or cream), and other choice ingredients. The batter is then poured onto a hot surface that has been greased with butter, lard, or even cooking oil.

The process is very similar to frying pancakes, and in some countries the name for crepes is very similar to pancakes. Like pancakes, crepes must be poured onto a very hot surface. The surface must have consistent heat displacement to ensure that the crepe fries up evenly. If the heating surface is not consistent, one side of the crepe may be done while the other may contain liquid, which will not make a crepe that is capable of wrapping.

When looking for a crepe maker, one should check reviews on the heat source of the appliance. Many heat sources use a heating coil similar to oven burners. These coils circulate around a hot plate or flat top surface and conduct heat across the metal surface. The coils should be able to heat from an electric source that is rated 1000 watts or more to ensure proper temperatures for frying. Other heat sources are embedded within the griddle top, which for unexplained reasons can malfunction. Most crepe makers agree that the coil heating elements are superior.

Temperature Settings
Because crepes now come from almost every part of the globe, there are a number of varieties and consistencies that people enjoy.

For instance, people in Western Europe may enjoy their crepes crisp while folks in Brazil may like their crepes a bit doughy. For this reason, many crepe makers come with a variety of settings for the heat source.

Although most crepe makers do not come with actual degrees like one may find on an oven dial, the settings should be easy to understand, which can be similar to the heat dials on a toaster. Obviously, the lower settings would cook the crepe less, which would create a softer texture while hotter settings will fry the crepe more quickly, and make it crisp. The temperature settings are in direct correlation with the heat source, and a good crepe maker will be easy to adjust and have clear illustrations of what to expect for each setting.

Types of electric crepe makers

There are different types of electric makers you should know about.

The Dip, Flip, and Cook style
This type of electric crepe maker uses a dipping pan to apply the batter to the cooker.  The crepe maker is inverted and dipped in to the pan to and a thin layer of batter sticks to the maker.  Then just flip it over and peel off the crepe after it is done cooking.

The cooker needs to be light weight so these makers usually make 7.5 inch crepes.  Also make sure the cord is long so it doesn’t get in the way when handling the crepe maker.  There are even cordless ones, but be wary of their cooking power.

Skillet Style
These makers let you make larger crepes.  They are more expensive and require crepe tools.  You use use a crepe spreader and turner tool so it requires slightly more skill to apply the batter evenly.  They also offer more power to cook crepes faster.

Advantages of Electric Crepe Maker

There are so many crepe pans available on the market at price ranges to suit every pocket that it can be difficult to understand why anyone would buy an electric crepe maker. In truth, there are only four reasons why someone would by an electric model and these are that there are fewer models to choose from compared to crepe pans so choosing is easy, they are easier to use than most crepe pans, prices are competitive and these machines make a novel gift idea.

Easy To Use
The biggest problem with stove top crepe pans is that you need the “knack”. If you don’t get the correct starting temperature you waste the first attempts, the crepes turn rubbery from under cooking. Electric models all have temperature warning lights to ensure your first attempts aren’t wasted. Blue steel crepe pans (the perfectionists choice) will need seasoning to create a non stick cooking surface, non of the electric models do. To thick or to thin a spread ed mix and the crepe is easily ruined. Electric paddle models do the hard work for you and griddle models come with instructions and batter spreaders with recipe books based on the size of hotplate to make life easy and ensure consistent crepes.

Convex nonstick cooking surface
Electric crepe makers have a smooth nonstick surface that makes spreading the batter smoothly and evenly simple and easy.

Automatic Even Heat
A crepe maker with an automatic thermostat will heat the surface to the ideal cooking temperature. It will tell you when it is ready to cook the crepe so you get perfect crepes every time.

Ready to Eat in Minutes
If you love crepes, then you know stove top crepe pans are slow. With an electric crepe maker, you can have them ready in minutes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Crepe pans start at £10 and run to £100 dependent on brand, size, construction. Cheap pans are sub £20, expensive are over £60. You may get a cheap model that turns out great, but you are just as likely to get a pan that won’t cook evenly and after a year will be warped. Electric models are generally £30 and only the very top model from the best brand is over £80. Electric models are competitively priced machines that will come with a manufacturers warranty and are easier to use.



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