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So…I survived my long day at school and am now in my bed becoming inspired for my race by reading the last chapter of my favorite book, watching ultramarathon man the documentary and reliving my sessions with my clients. Lately I sometimes wonder if I get confused because I feel just as inspired by my clients as (I hope!!) they feel inspired by me. Seriously…they are amazing and always leave me in a reflective mood on Thursday nights.

For some reason I have been avoiding this post. I have no idea why. I think because putting things in writing is so final. Sure I have plenty of goals for school, life, running, etc….but usually in my mind. This feels so official and I want to push myself but am scared to overestimate my ability which I am scared will lead me to underestimate my ability. As a runner I need to be fit and do exercise regularly. I want to own a rowing machine as it is the best fitness machine. In this article I will be also discussing about the best rowing machine that you can buy in UK.

Why You Need a Rowing Machine

A Rowing Machine many times also called as indoor rower is a fitness equipment used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing that has the same benefits of rowing. It is also use to train those who want to learn rowing without actually getting into water. There are numerous benefits of a rowing machine apart from improving your muscles and stamina. It is best exercise machine for those who really want to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

rowing machine 2018
Indoor rowing is one of the most challenging forms of exercise as it works most major muscular areas of the body, as well as being an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Rowing machine rowing entails both high levels of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, so the benefits can be great, but this comes with some risk of injury.

>Remember some rowing machines can be part of a multi-station gym and be designed to perform other activities. This makes the rowing machine a part of a whole station and therefore you may lose some performance in the machine.

Best Rowing Machines 2018

When you’re in the mood for a workout, you need a machine that can provide it with no problem. When we say ‘no problem’, we mean that the machine needs to feature multiple resistance levels, ergonomic sitting areas, and of course a sturdy frame. No one likes it when their exercise equipment falters or falls over as a result of basic use, and the BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine seems to fit that bill for the moment. That being said, let’s talk about it for a bit.

rowing machine benefits

First of all, it is built from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a sealed urethane seat. In addition to that there are 44 inches of travel from the pedals, meaning that just about any user can utilize this device with zero issues. There are plenty of cardiovascular benefits associated with using a machine like this, and believe it or not there are people who will pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to use a comparable machine at a gym! But guess what? You don’t need a gym! You can take advantage of this amazing home gym opportunity today and get in on these amazing benefits.

Rowing Machine Specifications and Features:

* BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine Sturdy Aircraft-Grade aluminum
* One air resistance setting
* Five magnetic resistance settings
* Adjustable console to track your time, distance, calories burned, and your heart rate
* Folds for easy storage

BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine Reviews:

Benefits are great, but what do the customers say about it? You’ll be glad to know that the majority of customers state that the BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine is an incredible product. The frame is indeed sturdy and may even last forever. There is one problem that some customers have noted however, though this may only be in a few isolated incidents.

The problem with this unit is related to the computer, particularly that the computer simply does not work properly. Is this the case with all of the units? Maybe, maybe not, but in the end it all comes down to whether or not you wish to rely on the computer. There are benefits to using the computer on the BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine, particularly the fact that it contains a number of different exercise programs.

You could create your own programs and follow them manually, but you will need to consult with an expert or perhaps find a decent routine online. In addition to that you will need to stick with the routine which can be particularly difficult if you are new to the exercise scene. Does that mean you can’t do it? Absolutely not. There are many individuals out there who exercise without a computer every single day, and for you the computer might actually work! With a lifetime frame warranty and the ability to store or place this item in any room of the house, you’re actually getting a fairly decent deal, and in the end you might be glad that you took a chance on this incredible exercise machine. You certainly have nothing to lose by trying, except maybe a few pounds here and there.

Now back to my aspirations

I know…I am being crazy but this has all been part of my avoidance today. Because they are things I want to aspire to -which does not sound as scary to me as goals for some reason. So here are some of my short and long-term goals in no particular order:

1. I guess most immediately comes to mind that I am running my second ever half marathon on Saturday…eeeeek! Nervous and PUMPED all at the same time. So my time goal for this half is to get my first sub 2 for a half…My last half was 2:10 and I hope to do this one in 1:55. A little nervous because my first half was 2000 ft elevation drop so maybe it is crazy to cut 15 mins off that time…but I am so determined and I have been training flat/hills ever since so I think I am ready.

2. Basically I hope to run one “big” race per month until my first marathon. So here are my goals for those: Canyonlands Half: 1:52, Ogden 30k: 2:37, Provo Half (?): 1:49

3. Which leads me to the marathon…The marathon will be a monumental moment in so many ways. First ever of course. A life long dream. But also it will mark one year since the start of my running. One year before that day I ran a 5k in 34 minutes (eek.) and I hope to do the marathon in under 4 hrs. I would love to get the 3:40 but for my first I am just hoping for 3-something 🙂

4. Over the summer I want to tackle some trails. I am in love with nature and running…so why not combine them? I seriously think I will love it and I just do not even know it yet. So at the end of next summer I hope to try out a trail race.

5. Right now my race pace is about 8:45-9 min avg and 9:30-9:45 training…but by the end of the year I hope I can be 8-8:15 avg pace for races and 8:30-8:45 in training.

6. I seriously love distance…so I hope to do many more marathons and half marathons…some I have in mind are: Atlanta Half Marathon, St. George Marathon, Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, The Other Half (Moab), ING Miami Marathon, ING NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon, some rock ‘n’ rolls, and others. I also hope to do at least 1 international marathon…what a great excuse to travel 🙂

7. I have not really told anyone this (I don’t think?) but I want to run at least a 50k some day. I am not sure about 50 or 100 miles but I think I can definitely aspire to a 50k. Maybe that sounds a little premature since I have never even run a marathon…but like i said earlier…I am determined 🙂

8. I want to train crazy hills!!! yeah…I do not know what has gotten into me either but seriously I am a strong believer in hills right now. They give me strength and confidence…plus I just feel like a serious badass when I conquer a tough hill. Annnnd….some day I want to do one of those mountain runs like the race where you run up Pike’s Peak. Ever since conquering King’s Peak (hiking…not running)…I have been trying to decide what my next mountain will be…so why not run it??

9. I am currently obsessed with mindfulness and being present in our bodies (credit the above book and my current clinical supervisor)…in both my work and my running. Running has made me a better therapist and my experiences in therapy have made me a better runner. I know it sounds crazy but it is SO true. I am a firm believer that our bodies can tell us more than we realize if we just pay attention…we can learn a lot from our body and the way it feels…we just need to listen. So…every week I try to help my clients learn this in their own experiences, I try to apply it to my own daily life and I try to apply it to my running. So far it has made for a much more relaxed, confident and positive person that enjoys pushing myself and values all inter- and intra-personal experiences.

10. I want to have FUN. Like I said I am watching Ultramarathon Man and they started the documentary by saying: “It is not about the marathon…it is about the experience.” I am so excited about all of my goals and aspirations but I hope that in the front of my mind is always the experience…because the experience is what keeps me coming back for more 🙂

11. I want to meet as many people and make as many connections as I can!! Seriously…I have gotten so excited about blogger meet-ups and talking to new people at races. I have already met so many awesome people and I cannot wait to meet so many more. These connections are related to the experience…they keep me excited and keep me wanting more and more because I sooo value the experiences I have with each person whether it be in a race, training run, at the gym or just talking about running 🙂 ….This is related as well: I HEART RELAYS. So please run relays with me…I want to run as many/all of the ragnars as I can 🙂 So often running becomes such an individual sport. It is so refreshing to run in a Ragnar and have the team experience. I love cheering for my team and cheering for other teams…plus it always feels good to have your team’s support. And Ragnars are crazy fun because you most often do not know many others on the team which = opportunity to meet new people (fast) in a van for 30ish hours without sleeping or eating normally but just running and being with other crazy inspired runners…GOTTA LOVE IT!

12. Maybe this is related to #11 (I am seriously all about the experience/meeting people…so cool how running just automatically connects people!)…but I want to start running with people as much as possible. Running with people = GREAT. I love the conversation and it makes the miles fly by 🙂 I really want to try one of those running groups that run together a few times per week but have been too nervous. Maybe this spring?

13. Oh…and I almost forgot (actually had to edit the post for this one…) I have my little goal over to the side that I would like to run 1500 miles this year so you can watch the miles tick away as I have been ever so diligently updating it everyday so far 🙂

So…these are some of my current aspirations. I feel much less anxiety than when I started writing (weird!)…I think mostly because I just feel so excited. I feel like these aspirations really “fit”/”define” me well as the person I am and the person I am trying to be… 🙂

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