Why You Need To Have a Good Hedge Trimmer

Our plot is bordered on three sides by long leylandii hedges. On the plus side, they give us privacy and shelter our garden from the winds that can whip across the fens. On the downside, they do require a certain amount of maintenance. What we used to do was to “get a man in” to do trim them back and keep them under control, but this has become increasingly expensive so we have put it off. Of course now they are very tall and are spreading out. So much so that the farmer who owns the field next door has complained that two of our hedges are encroaching onto his land and are shading his brussels sprouts.

It is a huge job, but I figured that I have to start somewhere so I took last week off work and spent the time tackling the back hedge (which was by far the worst). My week of “rest” from work then was spent at the top of a ladder toiling away with a bow saw or, in the case of the biggest trunks, lugging my heavy chainsaw up the ladder.

By the end of the week I had successfully taken the top of the hedge (all 63 trees!) and trimmed it back under control. It now looks it bit brown and sad – I have read that you are not really supposed to cut back to the brown, but I didn’t really have a choice. We have had one of our hedges cut back that severely before and it recovered, so I am hoping this one will do the same. The top is somewhat…. well, undulating shall we say. But it’s done at least and the neighbouring farmer is duly appeased for now. Apart from that I have aches all over, scratches over my hands and arms and a new found respect for tree surgeons.

Do You Need Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers are powerful tools designed to make trimming hedges, shrubs, bushes and small trees easier. For years people simply used large, manual loppers to take care of this often tedious task, but now powered hedge trimmers are the new standard. These tools are indispensable for homeowners and professional landscapers. Anyone who has bushes or shrubs that have to be trimmed can get good use out of a quality hedge trimmer.

If your hedges are looking some what straggly, then the time has come for doing some pruning. If you want to keep your garden look great, then it is essential that you do proper maintenance and that include trimming your hedges and for this you will need a hedge trimmer.

Choosing the best hedge trimmers

If you leave hedges to their own devices for a short while you will find your shears are no longer up to the job of trimming them. Not to mention how long it would take you to trim a hedge with small hand tools anyway. If you really want to tackle a hedge properly you need to get yourself a good long reach hedge trimmer, something that will make the job easier and save you time messing about with inadequate tools. You may not need a long hedge trimmer exactly but could instead get away with smaller hedge trimmers, read the following to determine what kind of trimmer you need.

Choosing The Blade

This is the business end of the hedge trimmer so when determining which kind you need this is where you start. The basic rule is if you have a large hedge you need at least a 58cm blade, for medium sized hedges you will need 47 – 57cm and for a small hedge you can get away with 46cm or lower.

You should also pay attention to how thick the branches are you will be cutting, make sure you get a blade with adequate teeth size in order to tackle the hedge appropriately, the width of the blade usually determines the size of the teeth. If you intend to tackle a hedge that has particularly thick branches you will want to get smaller teeth and even prune it first with other tools.

Power Source

The power source for your trimmer will be one of three options, powered by the mains, petrol or a battery that you can recharge. Each has pros and cons so lets take a closer look.

If you choose to have a long hedge trimmer that is powered by the mains then you need not worry about power. Such models will usually weigh less than those powered differently and will not create any smoke. The fact that mains powered trimmers need to be constantly connected by a cable however is their main negative, with the cable always there there is always a safety risk of accidentally slicing it, bear this in mind when using one. There is also the fact that you need to either have an extension or be close enough to a plug to use such devices, this means if you need to cut hedges that are a distance from anything such a power source is not good enough.

Using a rechargeable long reach hedge trimmer has some positives but a lot of negatives, the speed in which you work plays a large part to this. They are perfect for portability, they produce no smoke and are a lot quieter than other options, they are also safer with the lack of a cable always attached. The negatives for such a powered trimmer are the fact you need to charge them for upwards of 5 hours and will only get 30 minutes worth of work out of the two batteries. This means you need to plan your trimming in advance so you make sure the battery is charged and get the job done quickly.

Now for the last option, petrol powered. Such long reach hedge trimmers are useful because once again they are completely portable unlike the mains powered ones. The negative however lies in the weight of the device thanks to the petrol engine, making it require a certain amount of strength to operate, especially if you need to get into awkward positions. The fact you need to keep it full of petrol will also cost more than the other two options. It also produces smoke from the exhaust and will be louder than the other options, however it is the most powerful and can be used for long periods of time without worrying about recharging or being connected to a plug socket.

Hedge Trimmer Reviews

There are many great hedge trimmers in UK and they varies in types, features and prices. Here we will be reviewing the top hedge trimmers.

Black & Decker HT512 22-Inch Dual Action Electric Hedge Trimmer

rimming hedges, shrubs and small trees, especially if you have a lot of them, can be tough work. The Black & Decker HT512 22-Inch 3.8 amp Dual Action Electric Hedge Trimmer is a great trimmer to have in your shed or garage for these hard landscaping tasks.

My backyard is surrounded with bushes and shrubs, so I can’t afford to go too long without trimming them. I researched trimmers for quite a while before buying this Black & Decker trimmer, and I have been using them religiously every weekend to keep my yard looking great.

Comfortable Grips & Easy Handling

One thing I always hated about my old hedge trimmers was how uncomfortable the grips were. The Black & Decker HT512 Trimmers have a unique 3 sided handle with very soft grips that make using this trimmer very easy on my hands. Not only does this trimmer keep my hands from aching when I use it, my grip is more sure and firm, so I can make more precise cuts. There’s nothing better than finishing a few hours of hedge trimming and still having pain-free use of my hands.


  • A fast hedge trimmer for bushes, shrubs and household hedges
  • Powerful 3.8 Amp motor for cutting big branches
  • Feather light at just 5.79 pounds
  • Lock on switch for non-stop operation


  • Rust proof blades. I like the fact that the blades stay sharp and running smooth, as long as I keep them clean. I’ve not seen a spot of rust on the blades yet.
  • Safety features. It’s always nice to have a power tool that has great safety features. This trimmer has a lock-off switch to prevent unintended start ups.
  • No maintenance. I only have to keep this trimmer clean; I don’t have to worry about any other maintenance, like spark plug changes at all.


  • Noisy. This trimmer makes a fair amount of noise when I use it. It’s not nearly as loud as a 2 cycle trimmer, but it isn’t whisper quiet either.
  • Dealing with a cord. This comes with the territory when you use an electric powered trimmer. Although I’d rather deal with an extension cord than have a battery powered trimmer that doesn’t hold a charge for very long.

Black & Decker is a company that you have to admire. They continue to put out some great power tools every year. The Black & Decker HT512 Dual Action Electric Hedge Trimmer is another power tool that they can add to their list as being a real customer pleaser.

I’ve had great experiences using this trimmer in my yard, and my hedges have never been under control like they are now. This keeps me, my wife and even my neighbors happy, so I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this Black & Decker hedge trimmer.


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